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About Pauri

About Pauri

In Pauri, the tourists can have a panoramic view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. A short trip along the evergreen deodar trees across Kandoliya-Tekka will leave you with a pleasant walking experience. The town is thronged by researchers, students and tourists from all parts of the world throughout the year. This town is a paradise for nature lovers, trekkers and paragliding enthusiasts.

Geography of Pauri

It is a town in the district of Pauri Garhwal in Uttarakhand. It is administered by a municipality. Pauri is situated at 30.15oN 78.78o E with an elevation of 1814 m (5951 ft). The total area of the town is 5 Sq Km and is a mountainous region.

Climate of Pauri

The town experiences sub-temperate to temperate climate and is pleasant all through the year. Pauri is very cold during winters and experiences a moderate snow fall during January and February. During summer, climate of the town is soothing. In the forests, flowers bloom and a large number of tourists visit the town. During rainy season, the town is lush green and is also very cool. 

Administration of Pauri

The city is governed by Municipal Corporation. In 1840 AD, it became the headquarters of Garhwal district and in 1969 AD it became the headquarters of Garhwal division.  The Garhwal district is named after the popularity of Pauri town (Pauri Garhwal). 

Business and Economy in Pauri

Agriculture is the predominant occupation of the people of Pauri. Apart from that, military and teaching job provides employment opportunities for the local youth. Due to its geographical constraints, there are no major industries situated in Pauri. Yet another major occupation of the town is tourism. 

Tourism in and around Pauri

Pauri is a fascinating town and a major tourist’s destination as it has dense forests, snow covered Himalayan peaks, temples, churches, etc. It attracts tourists from all over the world. Pauri is also famous for the sunset in Uttarakhand. Pauri is also a paradise for adventure sports such as trekking, rafting, fishing, etc. Let’s see here some of the famous tourists spots in Pauri.

Kandoliya Temple

Kandoliya Devta

The presiding deity of the temple is Kandoliya Devta – the bhumi devta. The temple is situated amidst picturesque pine forest.  It is the custom of the people here to start any work with Kandoliya Thakur’s blessings. During the months of May and June every year, a bhandara is organized in the temple and lakhs of pilgrims take part in it with great fervor.  A Shiva temple is also situated 2 Kms away from the Pauri town and a stadium is situated on top of Kandoliya Mountain which is the Asia’s highest stadium and is visited by several travelers. From Kandoliya the people can have a spectacular view of Himalayan peaks, Gangwarsyun valley and sunset views. 

Chaukhamba View Point 

It is some 4 Kms away from Pauri and overlooks the Idwal valley as well as Chaukhamba Peaks. It is famous for its mesmerizing scenic views and also for the dense rhododendron and oak forest. 


It is situated at an altitude of 1700 mts and is 15 Kms away from Pauri. This is an ideal picnic spot as it has several deodar trees, apple orchards and oak trees. It also offers stunning views of Himalayan range. This place is free from pollution and an old temple for Ghandiyal Devta is situated here. 

Beas Ghat

This place is famous for fishing especially Mahaseer. Apart from fishing, the tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. Nayar rivulet is the best spot for fishing and the best months for fishing are September, October, March and April. 

Kyunkaleshwar Mahadev Temple 

Temples in Pauri

This temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya in 8th century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the other deities found here are Goddess Parvati, Karthikeyan and Ganesha. This popular historical shrine is visited by large number of Shaivites and is also known for its artistic stone work of its premises. The temple also runs a gurukul and a Sanskrit vidyalaya where young children are taught Vedas as well as Puranas. 

Nagdev Temple

This temple is situated amidst the dense pine as well as Rhododendron forests and is dedicated to snake god. The pilgrims visiting this temple can also visit the observatory found here and can have clear view of the peaks of Himalayas. 

Lakhman Temple at Deval Gaon

This temple is a thousand year old temple and is fifteen minutes away from Pauri. The temple was built on its own and its grey stone architecture and short height makes it look attractive. There are also several small as well as identical temples surround this temple and makes this place attractive. 

Laxmi Narayan Temple

It is situated in the main city and is visited by pilgrims throughout the day. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Laxmi Narayan and it also has Hanuman temple, Shiva temple, Ganesha temple and Durga temple.

Hanuman Temple

This temple is set amidst the deodar forest and is some 2 Kms away from main city.

Sita Mata Temple at Phalswari

It is the only temple for Goddess Sita and is 15 Kms away from Pauri. Every year during May month a Sita Mata fair is organized and a small rock comes out from the nearby land which is believed as Sita Mata. According to local legend, in this place only Sita Mata went under earth and the small rock also goes back into the earth after three days which marks the completion of the fair. There is a Valmiki Temple situated in proximity to this temple. 

Bhuvaneshwari Devi Temple

This temple is situated near Kotsada Village which is some 15 Kms from Pauri town. This place is thronged by several devotees especially during Navratri when a fair is also held. From this temple, the pilgrims can have a beautiful view of Garhwal hills and a traditional Guru-Shishya methodology school is also run by the temple. 

Buda Bharsaar Temple

It is an ancient temple situated 12 Kms away from Pauri near Buransi village. It is said that this temple is created on its own.

Methodist Church

This 100 years old church is situated in Chopra region near the MIC Pauri.

Catholic Church

This church is situated in Gadoli region for the catholic community.

Ransi Ground

It is some 2.5 Km away from the Pauri town and is one of the highest points. It is an ideal picnic spot. It also has a second highest stadium of Asia set amidst deodar trees.

Services and Utilities in Pauri

Pauri also comes with all the necessary public utility services. Let’s see some of them here.

Banking Services in Pauri

There are several public and private banks available in Pauri. Let’s see here some of the banks in Pauri. 

Bank of Baroda
Baluni Bhawan Civil Lines, Opp CMO Office
Dist Pauri
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 1800-1024455

State Bank of India
Dhara Road, Pauri
Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-222875

Allahabad Bank
Mall Road, Near Power House
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-221341
Email: br.pauri@allahabadbank.in 

Bank of India
361 Ward No 1, Kandoliya
Devaprayag Road, Near Circuit House
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368
Email: Pauri.Ghaziabad@bankofindia.co.in

Mall Road
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-221300

Punjab National Bank
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-222344

Union Bank of India
Sri Nagar Road
Near Krishi Bhawan, Pauri
District Pauri Garhwal,
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-222603
Email: cbspaurigarhwal@unionbankofindia.com

Nainital Bank
Upper Bazar, Pauri
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-221500

Central Bank of India
Opp DAV College, Mall Road,
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-222261

Postal and Courier Services in Pauri

The address of post office in Pauri is: 

Pauri Head Post Office
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-222230

Some of the courier services available in Pauri are 

Trackon Couriers Pvt Ltd
Dara Road, Pauri HO
Upper Bazar, Pauri
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-222785, 9410759942
Website: www.trackoncourier.com 

Madhur Courier Services
Nursery Road, Pauri HO
MAA Gayetri Gift Point Near Nagar Palika Sri
District Pauri Garhwal 
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel: 01368-219366, 9058540111

Telecom and Broadband Services in Pauri

The address of the BSNL office in Pauri is

BSNL Telephone Exchange
District Pauri Garhwal
Uttarakhand 246 001
Tel; 01368-222277, 222333

Private telecom companies also operate in Pauri.

How to Reach Pauri

Pauri is well connected by road to other parts of the district as well as other cities of the state of Uttarakhand. UPSRTC buses and private buses operate here. Kotdwar is the nearest railway station situated 108 Km away from Pauri. The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant airport of Dehradun situated 155 Km away from Pauri.  Taxis and cabs are also available to reach Pauri from Kotdwar and Dehradun.

Quick Facts about Pauri

Government - Municipal Councillor  
Population as per the 2001 census - 24,742
Time zone - IST
Postal Index Number - 246 001
STD Code - 01368 
Official Languages - Hindi

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